I create Squarespace websites, update and establish Etsy sites, and make Shopify stores for clients at the minimum rate of $25/hr, sliding scale prices for low-income queer and trans BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color). Please visit the Contact page to inquire about a consultation.

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For Brown Bleeders is a collective of low income, earth-connected people of color (PoC) who merge their disciplines as artists, healers, and scholars to center the experiences of Black and Indigenous people in the United States.


This current site is a revamp of their original website. The site is designed for increased accessibility and to support a growing list of resources, services, and membership. FBB is an example of sliding scale work for a BIPOC collective.

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ariella tai is a video artist, film scholar, and independent programmer from queens, new york.  They are interested in the materiality of black bodies and black performance as vernaculars which subvert, interrupt or defy the diegetic cohesiveness of narrative. 

This is the debut site for a black queer femme at a regular rate. The site was designed with close consultation to highlight digital media work, using a theme that supports hi-res videos and gifs. 

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Cloven Pink is a singer songwriter and illustrator from Portland, Oregon. She is the founder of Club Soft Things and co-creator of the upcoming queer horror graphic novel "Pink Magic".


This is the debut site for a musician at a regular rate. This site was designed with close consultation with the artist to represent her personality and highlight her body of work, music and illustration included.  

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the first and the last

the first and the last is a Portland-based experimental film/video & new media arts project consisting of screenings, workshops/skill shares, & exhibitions by/for black femmes, women and non-men. 

As co-curator of the first and the last, I took on the reigns of creating our website. This site is designed to hold both text and digital media as a series with multiple moving parts and a constantly developing program.